4 Ways Embracing Technology Ensures Fool-Proof Fleet Safety

3 min readDec 19, 2022


New-age fleet safety platforms can not only prevent accidents, but also offer data-driven actionable insights resulting in faster adoption of safety measures by drivers.

A comprehensive fleet safety management solution needs a combination of cultural transformation along with deployment of latest technologies. While building of a safety culture within a fleet can often be time intensive, the deployment of fleet safety systems can achieve results much faster. Here’s a look at the four major ways in which technology solutions are ensuring improved safety and efficiency for commercial fleets.

01 Driver risk-assessment for better on-road safety

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 94% to 96% of all road accidents are caused by human error, making it imperative for fleet managers to address human negligence. By accurately assessing, and modifying driving behavior through an intelligent driving assistance platform — this can be achieved. The latest AI and computer vision-based platforms can calculate and analyze driving performance, and driver scores, and generate real-time alerts to maintain best driving practices at all times, and also improve driving through in-vehicle live coaching. Accurate driver behavior analysis also enables fleet managers to run training and incentive programs which bring about a cultural shift in favor of improved safety.

02 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for reduced risk

To reduce the risk of accidents and help drivers overcome any shortcomings, fleet operators can incorporate ADAS such as drivebuddyAI which automate and enhance vehicle technology to minimize human error. Distraction caused by mobile phone usage while driving is a major cause of fatal accidents among all age groups in the US. These types of distractions can be easily detected and dealt with by the ADAS based driving assistance systems which generate real-time alerts the moment another vehicle comes too close and avoid a collision.

03 Vehicle health monitoring to reduce downtime

Vehicle breakdowns can cause major inconvenience for long-distance drivers and adversely impact fleet performance. These sudden breakdowns are easily avoidable by making use of historic and real-time vehicular data. IoT-enabled fleets generate real time alerts for low fuel levels, poor engine performance, unauthorized vehicle usage etc. for optimum fleet operation and enable fleet operators to implement proactive or condition-based preventive maintenance for longer operational hours and avoiding costly repairs.

04 On demand roadside assistance for better service

Despite all the checks and balances, certain unpredictable factors can still cause sudden vehicular breakdowns. Thus, fleet owners must deploy a robust and integrated roadside assistance service for immediate assistance in any emergency. Roadzen’s 24x7 roadside assistance platform — StrandD is powered by a comprehensive network of trained professionals and service partners. In case of any roadside emergency, StrandD enables seamless access to a full-range of roadside services with industry leading response time.

While technology continues to transform the safety and performance of vehicular fleets, the team of mobility experts at Roadzen have developed an AI powered 360° mobility ecosystem to manage and enhance fleet performance. While drivebuddyAI’s telematics and ADAS based platform ensures a flawless and safe driving experience, StrandD enables round-the-clock and cost-effective access to world-class roadside assistance.

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