Xclaim — Enabling seamless inspection on the go with video streaming

3 min readSep 7, 2022

With Roadzen products delivering real-time claims through computer vision and AI, insurers no longer need to wait for physical verification of a user request which extends and often delays the processing time of claims.

Roadzen’s end-to-end claims management platform Xclaim enables automatic damage detection, self-assessment, claim validation, and fraud detection — remotely, with minimal human intervention.

Powered by the powerful built-in communication module Xstream, carriers can easily, and more efficiently verify a claim through live annotation and remote image capture, get a precise and clear picture of the claim through easy video zoom in & out, and validate the claim by sending a secure invitation link to the respective user.

The state-of-the-art streaming capabilities with live HD rendering, come equipped to handle any network breaks and work seamlessly with any mobile browser, on any device.

Xclaim in Action

Xclaim is an intelligent claims process automation platform that includes advanced features to make processing auto insurance claims quick and simple. Its powerful built-in camera module offers HD video streaming, geotagged and tamper-proof uploads, live chat, and robust connectivity for seamless and reliable communication at all times.

The innovative auto claims management platform is specially designed to streamline the auto repair claims process for insurers, assessors, repairers, and customers. This is done by automating workflows, and linking key stakeholders, repairers and industry data, car valuation guides, and parts lists into one centralized claims platform. Xclaim is the perfect solution if you want to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and create higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Eliminate duplicate efforts and time-intensive manual inputs with Xclaim’s automated workflows designed to adapt to even the most complex of requirements across the auto claims process. Its user-friendly dashboards make it easy for claims staff, managers, assessors, and repairers to access real-time information. Quotes, photographs, vehicle details, parts lists, claim status, task lists, and more to update a customer, monitor claims, or prevent costly delays.

Real-time Email and SMS notifications keep key stakeholders in the loop throughout the process to ensure complete visibility into the process and to minimize the back and forth. Xclaim is mobile-friendly so assessors can access the system anytime, anywhere.

The intelligent automated claims processing platform uses ultramodern functionality to get customers back on the road faster. Make stronger, data-driven, tactical, and strategic business decisions using Xclaim’s robust reporting capabilities to ensure your successful digital transformation.

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