Building a holistic employee well-being model

The role of work culture is causally linked to business success. A holistic focus on employee engagement, and culture-building from the very beginning, has been a hallmark of the tech revolution.

Workplace wellbeing solutions have evolved beyond physical fitness and health care into a more holistic approach, which encourages each employee to bring their best selves to work. The tech industry has a well-established reputation for introducing and nurturing a people-first culture globally. And a holistic ecosystem can bloom only when every individual feels cared for and respected by the people of the organization throughout. Seeking to establish such a workspace is not a new concept, but the desire to actualize it in practice is a much sought after business goal now.

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What has changed? With the pandemic induced remote working blurring the lines between work and home life further, a new challenge to managing stress and developing healthy habits has been thrown up. At the same time, cloud-technology continues to reign. Cloud products have already made their place owing to efficiency and user-friendliness. It is clear now, that technology will play a bigger role in building an engaged workforce, where technical prowess need to be blended with compassion. Employees know that a good company culture coupled with compassionate leadership offers the ultimate job satisfaction. Even more, reason that companies are looking to create a holistic well-being strategy for employees.

“By taking a holistic approach towards our employee’s wellbeing, one that is proactive, personal and inclusive, one that puts empathy, trust, and authenticity at the forefront, we hope to provide the kind of positive experience that most people seek,” said Sanya Soni, Chief of Staff Roadzen.

There is definitely a process that agile tech companies can focus on to build a culture ideal for them.

01 Identify Employee Expectations

02 Define Vision

03 Set Core Values

04 Initiate & Act on It

05 Engage Creativity & Problem Solving

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Understanding how their efforts connect to the big picture help employees feel like they are truly part of the team, provide clarity of purpose, and lead to a greater sense of accomplishment.

06 Create an Enjoyable Work Environment

It is a Continuous Process

This change in demography, and the transition to increased remote working, presents an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of improving the employee experience. Employee benefits and well-being initiatives must evolve from traditional to more creative. And by redefining the approach to employee wellbeing to a holistic outlook, tech companies can give their employees the education, support, and tools they need to be better versions of themselves both at home and at work — no matter where ‘work’ might be, or how it continues to change.