Canvas — Transforming Complex Data Pipelines to Help You Build the Next Big Thing

2 min readAug 28, 2023

By combining clean data pipelines with a vertically integrated approach to ML, Canvas helps businesses develop robust AI capabilities faster and cheaper than ever.

Businesses now rely on precise and efficient data pipelines for training models to become more effective at delivering the required outputs. Curating accurate and quality data for model training becomes a tedious task that consumes businesses’ resources that could otherwise be used for core AI tasks.

Canvas is a cloud-based, multi-tenant AI solution for managing data pipelines that allows businesses to integrate their ML models and replicate their processing workflows seamlessly.

Canvas at Play

Canvas takes care of the entire data management cycle to deliver value for your AI investments with better data. Its powerful algorithms can be integrated on demand, across industries and use cases to enhance the existing AI capability of users by 2x.

01 Improve annotation accuracy with ML-assisted labeling tools including bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, landmarks, key points, and semantic segmentation.

02 Deploy a flexible in-house resource pool with over a hundred annotators and reviewers with 100,000+ man-hours of labeling experience and counting, for lightning-fast data labeling output.

03 Manage data streams and incorporate ML processes seamlessly with defined integration standards and a dynamic annotation UI based on the integrated workflow.

04 Scale up and down infrastructure with the flexibility of an on-demand and innovative multi-tenant platform.

Canvas is bringing model orchestration to products to help businesses create their workflows on the platform and save integration and monitoring effort. Easily annotate, train, export and collaborate with Canvas — Roadzen’s ultimate data pipeline management solution

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