Choosing the Right Roadside Assistance Partner for Your Fleet

Road accidents, breakdowns, stolen or lost keys, all are unfortunate inevitabilities of running a fleet. And when it happens, you need help to keep moving — and you need it fast

2 min readNov 21, 2023

Managing a fleet and giving the best services to your customers comes with its fair share of challenges. Whether it’s an accident, breakdown or stolen keys, making sure you have partnered with the right and reliable assistance partner is essential for reducing downtime out in the field.

Roadside breakdowns especially pose significant hurdles for fleets of any size. They not only lead to increased repair costs but also jeopardize driver safety. Predictable or not, these delays can hamper fleet productivity. Recognizing the root causes is key to mitigating these risks.

Factors Affecting Fleet Efficiency
Fleets can face many unpredictable delays on the road. The best way to keep drivers safe when a vehicle breakdown occurs is to familiarize yourself with the most common causes for vehicle breakdown.

01 Mechanical breakdowns
Addressing minor issues through regular inspections prevents them from escalating during critical times.

02 Fuel challenges
Technology aiding real-time fuel monitoring helps manage fuel levels effectively, while safety measures become paramount due to the inability to carry extra fuel.

03 Tire failures
Among the leading causes of breakdowns; poor tire maintenance can result in accidents and increased maintenance expenses. Utilizing fleet safety technology offers a comprehensive view of vehicle conditions that minimizes risks.

24/7 Fleet Management and Roadside Assistance

Navigating fleet challenges demands foresight and proactive measures. Understanding breakdown triggers, adopting advanced technologies, and partnering with reliable assistance services are the cornerstones of uninterrupted fleet operations.

Effective fleet management optimizes maintenance and performance to boost productivity, assure fleet safety, and save fuel costs. Monitoring driver behavior and vehicle diagnostics further streamlines operations and cost management.

Roadside Service Management with StrandD Fleet

Roadzen’s fleet and roadside service management solution– StrandD Fleet, enables real-time communication between service providers, call center executives, and stranded customers. Its core functionalities include secure sharing of service details with drivers, managing service status updates, and real-time ETA updates of our service provider to our customers. With the StrandD Fleet app, our partners can:

  • Access service details with a passcode
  • Use app in their preferred language
  • Easily connect with our call center executives
  • Track and manage the service status updates
  • Get real-time ETA and reminders
  • Mark the status of the service

Choosing the right fleet service provider is crucial for maintaining the health of your company’s fleet. No matter where or when a breakdown occurs, our dedicated team is available 24/7 with emergency breakdown and roadside assistance to reduce driver inconvenience and enhance your business’s productivity.

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