Data-driven technology solutions are transforming road safety

  • Mobility through mobiles and computer applications connected to global navigation system technology.
  • Controlling both stationary and moving vehicles with the integrated use of informatics and telecommunications.

Data & AI is reshaping the automotive industry

With AI making inroads in the automotive industry, on-demand mobility, and data-driven services are transforming the automotive industry. While emerging trends like fully autonomous vehicles are expected to become a reality in the near future, 95–98% of the new vehicle is expected to have some form of AI-powered technology, in the next ten years.

Future Bridge Analysis & Insights 2020

Telematics based safety features

Vehicle telematics is the technology that guides people to their destination, while collecting vehicle data that can be used to improve road safety and other aspects of transit. It consists of GPS based data and video capabilities that give first-hand view of the driver’s behavior, driving etiquette, and the events leading up to an accident.

Data-driven roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is evolving beyond breakdown, in a fast-changing roadside ecosystem. Integrations, investments, and partnerships while continuing to build new technology solutions is ensuring business processes that deliver unmatched assistance to drivers who depend on roadside assistance in time of dire need.

Enhanced customer experience

Insurance carriers are focused on mitigating loss by accelerating digital transformation and automation efforts, to improve safety and generally realign strategy. Towing and roadside assistance services are one of the highest volume claims for top insurance carriers. Hence, predictive and pre-emptive technologies have come into play, to prevent accidents and reduce claims, which benefits both carriers and customers. AI-based vehicle diagnostics are getting integrated, which deliver scheduled reports on the vehicle’s condition. This aids in preventing the breakdown of the vehicle and saves money.



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