How Automated Vehicle Assessment Makes Damage Inspection More Efficient for Insurers

3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Automated car damage assessment simplifies inspections and underwriting by offering a seamless ecosystem that assesses value and risk profile in record time and delivers better underwriting.

Automated vehicle assessment enables insurers to remotely inspect the condition of a vehicle through real time pictures and video from a mobile device and get expert assessment. This technology saves time and money for both, insurers and vehicle owners alike. Inspection data creates accurate vehicle condition reports, which inform the pricing and purchasing decisions for insurers, helping them cut costs and process claims faster. At the same time, it makes it easier for customers to report vehicle issues for repairs, and submit claims — right from their fingertips.

How Digital Vehicle Inspection Works

Automated inspection platform like Roadzen’s VIA, streamline the damage inspection process with a suite of features designed to simplify the video call process, facilitate remote inspection, and enable customers to easily capture vehicle photos without the presence of custom equipment.

VIA offers on-ground inspectors a curated workflow to perform automotive inspections with speed and accuracy. Its powerful AI Damage Recognition Engine uses computer vision to recognize vehicle part damages on photos and videos. The Underwriting Engine trained on millions of underwriting decisions delivers 3 times faster and more accurate underwriting decisioning. And VIA automatically predicts and flags potential frauds using AI trained on vehicle inspection patterns and user behavior data. With suspicious activity flagged immediately, underwriters can make informed decisions and give fair verdicts.

VIA is a transformative tool for customers and on-ground inspectors to create a case on-the-go, start inspection, capture high quality images and videos, and assess the damage in no time — all through an easy-to-use app.

Benefits to OEMs & Insurers

Saves Time
Since insurers no longer need to schedule a time slot with the customer, send a physical inspector, and arrange and pay for travel — AI inspection reduces the total time for inspection from 2–3 days to just a few minutes.

Reduces Costs
Automated damage assessment significantly reduces the cost-per-inspection to just a few dollars, and reduces the number of surveyors and underwriters to be hired and kept on payroll.

Detects Fraud
The fraud rate with manual inspections is estimated to be 10–15%. But a digital inspection provides a transparent and a trustworthy platform with a significantly lowered risk of fraud and scope of human error.

Improves Customer Experience
Digital vehicle inspections provide superior customer experience by removing several customer pain points. With long wait times, scheduling hassles, high costs, and unreliable reports gone for good, Roadzen’s VIA makes the entire process from pre-inspection, damage detection, and claim assessment seamless.

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