How Big tech is All Set to Redefine Mobility

The Story So Far

Amazon has been focused on EVs as part of company’s commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2040. The tech giant is transitioning to a fully electric logistics fleet and has been working closely with the EV startup Rivian. Amazon is also interested in autonomous vehicles for last-mile delivery and passenger applications. Vehicle voice assistant, which was traditionally built-in at the point of manufacture, changed after the launch of Amazon’s Echo Auto in 2018. Since then, Amazon has partnered with Audi, BMW, Ford, and Toyota to enable Alexa in the vehicles.

The Big Tech Advantage

Given the recent footprints of big tech in the evolving mobility sector, legacy OEMs are experiencing disruption on multiple fronts. The operational relevance of manufactured and process-oriented hardware has been dented. The urgency to shift to the Cloud has overshadowed custom-built solutions that once drove the mobility industry. With sustainability as a central focus, the world is listening to the clarion call of big tech. It’s time to counter, pivot, or lose for legacy automakers.

Mobilize & Capture

Technology companies can curate and use valuable data to catalyze growth and new opportunities. But real change happens when technology directly enables a consumer to make better choices. In a pandemic-affected world, customer expectations have been changing rapidly. Data-driven insights stimulate the market’s mood and guide consumer satisfaction. Adapting quickly to newer technologies is the challenge automakers are facing today. The core of the mobility sector has changed.

Source: MoneyControl

The Automakers’ Response

Technologies are at the heart of the mobility revolution. Software driven vehicles, and a product-to-service business model is transforming the automotive experience. Some of the strategic steps taken by major OEMs include:

  • Volkswagen Group has invested heavily in developing their own operating systems. Volkswagen created its own automotive cloud and new electric vehicle architecture.
  • The GENIVI Alliance is a non-profit automotive industry alliance, which several automakers and suppliers have joined to develop an open-source solution based on Linux.



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