How Roadside Assistance Solution StrandD Gets You Back on the Road Faster

3 min readMay 25


In the event of a breakdown, accident, or any other roadside emergency, digital roadside assistance solutions provide immediate help to drivers with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Traditional roadside assistance services for stranded motorists are known to retain certain gaps in their services that have become more pronounced with the changing needs of customers today. One such major issue is the long queue and wait time that stranded motorists experience when calling for help. This can be frustrating for customers who are in urgent need of assistance, especially during peak hours or in areas with a limited number of service providers.

Further in the most common events such as flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and running out of fuel, most users face issues related to ease of use and cost and prefer to deal with the issue on their own.

Since some roadside emergencies can also be stressful and dangerous, especially if they occur in unfamiliar or unsafe locations, digital solutions have evolved to cater to the highest expectations of customers today.

Technological innovations that improve assistance service

Roadzen’s digital roadside assistance solution StrandD streamlines the assistance process by providing convenience, safety, efficiency, and peace of mind to drivers in their time of need. It offers quick, automated assistance requests, prompt response and real-time communication to get drivers the help they need faster.

In addition to a convenient user interface, StrandD provides 24x7 customer service, with a human touch. The roadside assistance guarantees accurate GPS tracking, reliable status updates, and the largest service-provider network that ensures that gets drivers behind the wheel faster.

01 Mobile app to assist and manage requests in real-time
StrandD’s user-friendly interface allows customers to request assistance, track the progress of their request, and receive real-time updates on the arrival of assistance at their fingertips.

02 Omnichannel support provides motorists with multi-channel communication
StrandD’s multichannel communication model enables customers to request support through phone, chat, or email ensuring they are updated on the status of their issue in real-time.

03 Accurate GPS tracking that deploys faster roadside assistance
StrandD utilizes GPS tracking and automated dispatch systems to optimize assistance allocation, reduce response times, and provide accurate estimated arrival times to customers.

04 Established robust assistance and repair network
With a comprehensive network of certified towing and service providers, StrandD ensures seamless management of the digital needs of customers, thereby enhancing customer retention.

05 24x7 contact center with human assistance for the highest standards of service and trust
StrandD’s dedicated support team and round-the-clock contact center makes sure customers are fully supported in any roadside emergency.

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