How Roadzen is Delivering Superior Customer Experience with Touch-less Claim

3 min readJun 22, 2022


Roadzen’s AI-powered claims management platform is making the entire claims journey faster, better, and transparent for the auto insurance user

Auto insurance customers commonly complain of lengthy and delayed claims processing, more than denial of a claim. Long reviews, manual processes, and other blocks to efficiency cause delay all the way down the line, frustrating not just the customers, but claims processors, and repair shops as well.

Roadzen’s all-digital, end-to-end claims management platform xClaim is built for a user-driven approach, that has transformed opaque claims processing into proactive engagement with customers. And AI decisioning has vastly sped up processing time which positively impacts customer satisfaction.

With xClaim, the average claims journey time has reduced from 18–20 days to just 1–2 hours. Damage detection is instant, as is loss adjustment for smaller or external loss appraisals. For larger claims too, end-to-end adjustment is completed in less than 90 minutes. Take a closer look.

Insurers now have the option of offering better claims management that quickly reports claims, captures damage, updates the system and communicates with the customer all by itself, while removing excessive human intervention.

Effortless Claims Management with xClaim

xClaim’s loss assessment and damage estimation tool uses computer vision to automatically determine the damage repairable or requiring replacement.

With its powerful, and easy-to-use video streaming module xStream, live HD rendering, annotation, camera controls with peer access reduces human intervention and the overall turnaround time. It secures against unsolicited uploads from image gallery, and image tampering to prevent fraud.

The communication-first platform ensures 100% reliable and seamless communication at any point of the customer journey. Which includes live chat and ticketing integration for faster query resolution of users throughout the platform.

Roadzen’s User-first Claims Journey

FNOL intimation through a single-touch app, phone call, email, APIs, and connected vehicle protocols where available.

Instant and automatic ALLOCATION that finds the most optimum partner to serve the claim better and faster.

SELF SURVEY functionality for both customers, and external surveyors.

ASSESSMENT of an estimate calculated basis above decisions from master data of labor and parts.

Faster APPROVAL while still keeping decisions accountable with a full audit trail.

FINAL REPORT generation with add-on coverages and policy terms accounted for to ensure accurate reports that enable quick claims settlement. This also includes paperless invoice management, reinspection of the repaired vehicle, and checking approval vs work done.

Despite faster surveys and instant approvals, delays in actual payments cause the biggest dissatisfaction among customers and partners. Seamless PAYMENTS are ensured by empowering finance teams with full control of transactions for all stakeholders involved, including surveyors, towing providers, and repairers.

The power combination of machine learning, computer vision, and advanced analytics enables insurers to reach customers, study their real-time needs, develop insight from their profile on risk magnitude, and ultimately create bespoke solutions, which satisfies the personalized needs of diverse customers.

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