How V2X Infrastructure Will Be a Game Changer in Road Safety

In addition to getting the auto industry closer to delivering a product that will truly assist autonomous driving, Vehicle-to-everything or V2X, is all set to change the way we drive, make transportation safer, reduce traffic congestion, and climate impact of vehicles.

V2X is About a Safer, Smarter Mobility Ecosystem

V2X communication allows vehicles to relay data wirelessly between two vehicles and to smart infrastructure by enabling vehicles in transit to develop 360-degree awareness of the surrounding environment.


5G is the Connectivity Game Changer

The introduction of 5G networks will now pave the way for the widespread adoption of V2X technologies. 5G networks support over 1,000 more devices per meter and deliver peak speeds that are over 20x faster than 4G networks. The 5G standards contain several innovations that will change the game for V2X technology, enhancing road safety, and enabling more efficient vehicle transportation.

A V2X Ecosystem

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