How xClaim Delivers Speedy Settlements for Superior Customer Satisfaction

2 min readMar 27, 2024


Transform your auto claims experience with AI. Deliver lightning-fast claims settlements and best-in-class customer experience to policyholders

In the auto insurance industry, the claims settlement process has long been a source of frustration for both policyholders and insurance providers. The traditional claims process is often slow and burdensome, fraught with paperwork and delays that can leave customers dissatisfied.

This is where technology steps in to revolutionize the industry, by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), and computer vision to streamline claims processing and significantly enhance customer experience.

Effortless Automated Claims Processing

xClaim, is Roadzen’s AI-powered claims solution which transforms the claims process by delivering lightning-fast settlements with accuracy and transparency. What traditionally took weeks now takes only hours. xClaim accelerates the claims process from weeks to merely 1–2 hours, dealing with claims both small and substantial with equal agility.

xClaim offers a simplified and automated claims process that manages the entire lifecycle of a claim — from initial assessment through telematics and video streaming to seamless claims payout. Designed with the user in mind, xClaim enables customers to access the system anytime and anywhere, for efficient claim submission and processing.

At the core of xClaim is Roadzen’s powerful AI engine that automates damage assessment, fast-tracks claims processing and detects fraudulent claims.

By slashing the time and effort needed to process claims, insurance companies can redirect their focus towards added-value services such as customer support, risk prevention, and innovative product offerings, ultimately aligning more closely with the dynamic requirements of modern consumers.

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