Secret to Successful Employee Onboarding

Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success I Society for Human Resource Management

Building an effective onboarding strategy

Welcoming a new employee into a long-term positive relationship with their organization requires an effective onboarding process. The building blocks of successful onboarding are referred to as the Four C’s.

  • Clarification refers to ensuring that employees understand their new role and all related expectations.
  • Culture is a broad category that includes providing employees with a sense of organizational norms, both formal and informal.
  • Connection refers to the vital interpersonal relationships and information networks that new employees must set up.

01 Creating the right process

Coming up with a detailed, and well-defined onboarding process plan ensures that the new employee receives every bit of information they need to succeed. This process also ensures that every new hire is treated the same way and that each new team member gets all the components they need to thrive at work.

02 Giving insights into the organization’s culture

Beyond the formalities, whether it’s with company language or processes, employees need to be aware of the culture they’re getting into. Company culture is key to a team’s success, and a big part of that comes from transparency around mission and values. New tech hires should meet with senior leadership and learn about their team and the company’s core values. Sharing core values from the beginning clarifies the purpose behind what is being done every day.

03 Setting expectations & colleague relationships

It’s important that new hires understand performance expectations, key priorities for the next six to 12 months, and how they fit within the overall team. A new hire with overly high or unrealistic expectations can feel let down if the job responsibilities or opportunities turn out to be underwhelming. Making sure a new employee knows what they are signing up for, what to expect from the position, increases the chances of their success in the role as well.

04 Identifying areas for improvement through feedback

New hires are a valuable source of information. The organization plans the onboarding process, but employees are the ones who actually experience it. Tracking feedback and outcomes over time help in identifying the most successful onboarding techniques, and help identify the parts of the process that need to be revisited.



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