Securing Claims with AI Powered Vehicle Assessment

2 min readJan 18, 2024


Discover the power of digital vehicle assessment for optimizing operational efficiency. Explore how Roadzen’s VIA, equipped with real-time monitoring, delivers accurate underwriting and streamlines claims processing

Manual vehicle inspections face challenges in evaluating damages and validating claims. Common challenges arising from human error, subjectivity, and delays in processing, result in discrepancies, fraud and delayed settlements.

Digital vehicle inspections powered by AI, machine learning, and high-definition imaging have emerged as a comprehensive solution. Automated tools streamline the claims process, reduce inaccuracies and improve fraud detection.

Digital vehicle inspection provides a comprehensive view of a vehicle’s condition and enhances the accuracy of the survey through real-time data integration and historical records. It reduces turnaround times and fast-track claims processing for improved customer satisfaction. Detailed reports with visual evidence and analytics ensure transparency, which minimizes disputes and ensures fair settlements.

Seamless On-Ground Inspections and Damage Assessment with VIA
Roadzen’s automotive inspection and underwriting tool VIA, uses computer vision to assess the value of a vehicle through virtual or augmented inspection in record time. The platform enables informed and fair underwriting by generating dynamic reports, sharing real-time notifications, preventing frauds, and offering dedicated customer support for all stakeholders.

01 AI Inspection

Accurate damage recognition and underwriting capabilities, based on millions of underwriting decisions.

02 Fraud Detection

Automated analysis of patterns and user behaviors to predict frauds for a fair and accurate verdict.

03 High Transparency

Customizable access control for insurers, enabling full transparency during the inspection and underwriting process.

04 Hassle-free Deployment
Easy and quick integration into existing insurance infrastructures using Rest and SOAP APIs.

VIA overcomes the limitations of traditional manual inspections by offering seamless, efficient, and transparent vehicle inspection and underwriting, that expedites the process while ensuring comprehensive and reliable evaluations.

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