Taking Roadside Assistance to the Next Level

Increasing demand for hybrid and EVs

The increasing sales of hybrid and electric vehicles implies that roadside assistance providers must upgrade their technologies. This is one of the factors leading the expansion trajectory of the global roadside assistance market at a CAGR of close to 4% during the forecast period. With EVs, predictive maintenance will become the norm. Low tire pressure, and battery issues will potentially be communicated to the driver before they require roadside assistance.

Rising Vehicle Connectivity

With high penetration of connected cars on the horizon, and telematics systems enabling transfer of data — a car’s condition can seamlessly be communicated to service centers, fleet owners, and insurance providers. Real-time highway alerts and notifications to drivers, navigation systems that will direct the vehicle toward the least fuel-consuming route based on traffic density, will become regular features. This will encourage OEMs to equip their vehicles with these systems and have a positive impact on roadside assistance’s overall market growth.

App-driven Assistance

Use of app driven services which lead to quick response time, and minimize the period for assistance, have accelerated the demand for roadside assistance solutions. The time and resources saved by mobile applications for roadside assistance by leveraging vehicular data enable quick support for a flat tire change, battery boost, fuel delivery, towing and emergency services. And automatic voice control and digital assistance is also making impressive in-roads in mobile assistance.

Vehicle Data is a Game Changer for Roadside Assistance

Connected cars are generating large amounts of vehicle status and usage data that is providing roadside assistance service providers with crucial information about the vehicle’s location, engine status, error codes, fuel level, tire pressure and much more. Such data is used to analyze the underlying cause for a breakdown cause, decide required action, and promote quick engagement for improved quality of service and driver’s experience.



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