Telematics Solutions for Global Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

The Cold Chain Supply Challenge

Unprecedented speed to market

Unfamiliar shipping/transport networks

Unmoderated scale-up

Telematics Solutions for Cold Chain Custody

  • Data is collected through sensors, loggers and digital analysis, intelligently and seamlessly, all in real time.
  • Real-time supply chain data embedded in a planning and execution platform boosts service levels and increases supply chain resilience.
  • The development of these systems can be tailored to suit the needs of the supply chain operator.
  • These technologies track the location and movements of the device, the vehicle, and its load. This tracking can be done not just on the vehicle level, and down to sub-components such as equipment and the load itself.
  • Using sophisticated sensor equipment, companies can better manage cold chain custody. This includes technology that allows for finding the best route in real-time, tracking the status of engines and tires, and offering real-time feedback to drivers on best practices.
  • Telematics also can maintain records that document every move along the cold supply chain, providing accountability throughout.

Benefits of Telematics Driven Supply Chains


Increased Asset Utilization

Greater Resource Utilization

Higher Service Levels

Better Operator Performance

Competitive Differentiation for Supplier

The Time to Optimize is Now




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Insurance made simple.

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