VIA — A Leap Forward in Automotive Inspections & Underwriting Efficiency

2 min readMay 14, 2024


By integrating Roadzen’s VIA insurers can now streamline automotive inspections and underwriting, promising accuracy, speed, and fraud prevention like never before.

Assessing damage to vehicles has traditionally relied heavily on manual inspection and subjective judgment. With AI solutions, damage assessment is now remote, lightning-fast and more accurate. Roadzen’s VIA is a groundbreaking solution that facilitates vehicle inspection without the need for manual human intervention. The AI powered damage assessment and underwriting platform uses computer vision to assess the value of a vehicle through virtual or augmented inspection in record time. It enables informed and fair underwriting by analyzing data, sharing real-time notifications, preventing fraud, and customer support for all.

Automated Damage Recognition
VIA uses computer vision to recognize vehicle part damages on photos and videos, significantly speeding up the inspection process. By automating damage recognition, VIA enables 3 times faster inspections, allowing underwriter to make quicker and accurate decisions.

AI-Powered Underwriting
VIA’s underwriting engine trained on millions of decisions, provides an informed and fair underwriting experience. The tool generates dynamic reports that prevent fraud, shares real-time notifications, and offers dedicated customer support, ensuring a trustworthy process for all stakeholders.

Fraud Detection
VIA’s AI capabilities extend to detecting potential frauds by analyzing patterns and user behaviors observed during vehicle inspections. This feature flags suspicious activities, alerting underwriters to make informed decisions and deliver fair verdicts.

High Transparency and Hassle-Free Deployment
Customizable access control allows insurers to maintain full transparency throughout the underwriting process. VIA’s easy integration into existing insurance infrastructures through Rest and SOAP APIs ensures quick and easy deployment, complementing insurers’ current systems without downtime or disruption.

Mobile App-Based Inspections
VIA offers both white label and private label mobile app options for conducting vehicle inspections, providing maximum convenience for on-ground inspectors and customers alike. Its tamper-proof functioning and built-in camera module add an extra layer of security and reliability to the inspection reports.

Transforming Auto Insurance with VIA

VIA stands out as a valuable tool for auto insurers, addressing key industry pain points such as efficiency, accuracy, fraud detection, and customer satisfaction. As the insurance landscape continues to evolve, AI solutions like VIA are crucial for insurers who wish to stay ahead of the curve, offering a seamless, transparent, and fast claims process to their customers.

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