What will protect our software-enabled cars?

Why secure the entire automotive ecosystem

Regulatory attention


Autonomous driving

Shaping automotive cybersecurity

  • Cybersecurity has to be baked into a company’s processes right from the very beginning — from design and development through manufacturing.
  • An ‘assume harm’ posture will serve the industry well, and guide both software and hardware developers to create systems with cybersecurity built into them, at all levels.
  • As automotive ecosystems grow and evolve, software could come from multiple suppliers and run on the same hardware platform. All software must be analyzed for threats and common vulnerabilities, through software composition analysis, penetration testing and periodic risk assessments.
  • Such an environment requires defense-in-depth strategies, which include secure updates, secure boot, identity access management, isolation-through-virtualization techniques etc.
  • The microchips used within a vehicle’s ECUs must be secured. Secure hardware capabilities include secure storage, tamper detection, hardware acceleration for crypto-algorithms, secure firmware upgrades, secure key updates, secure boot, secure debug and other features.




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Insurance made simple. www.roadzen.io

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