Why Buy Insurance Online?

2 min readOct 8, 2021


It is convenient, fast, and costs comparatively less. Today online insurance is an instant hit as a flexible and fast-moving lifestyle product.

With the increasing number of insurance customers opting for the convenience of purchasing insurance online, insurers have started offering exclusive deals online. The biggest advantage of buying insurance online is that you don’t have to depend upon someone else, and buy the best insurance deal for you — from your own desk.

The online model offers the flexibility to compare the policy benefits of multiple insurance companies simultaneously, and to choose the best-suited option for one’s personalized financial needs, saving a lot of time and money in the process.

01 Improved Accessibility
Buying insurance online provides great accessibility to an insurance provider of your choice, directly. The absence of a middle man means information is relayed directly to you, with no scope of delay or miscommunication. Paying premiums also becomes hassle-free on easy-to-use online platforms that make transactions smooth, secure, and quick.

02 More Convenient
It’s easy to access reviews and compare various policies at one place with a few clicks. This helps in making an informed and intelligent choice. Post that, filling the proposal form, uploading relevant documents, and making payments, everything gets done from the comfort of your home. Online insurance also offers much more convenience in terms of staying updated on the policy.

03 Ensures Transparency
It’s important to access and understand the complete policy details prior to purchasing any type of insurance. As these outlines the essential clauses to be followed so as to avoid claim rejection. Similar to any online purchase, with a few clicks one can download policy details. A policyholder is aware of what they are signing up for, confirms that their details are entered correctly, and they know exactly how much they are expected to pay.

04 Ease of Servicing
There is no need to depend upon an individual or an agency, and one can pay premiums online, update information, and resolve any queries online via chat or email. Online channel is also a fast and competent servicing channel where policyholders can avail automated services such as policy lapse prompts, online renewal, track investments, and submit online claims.

The comfort and perks of researching, comparing, and purchasing insurance products online are key to the growing popularity of online insurance, especially with the digital-first mindset of the younger demographics. These options are cost-efficient and ensure customer-friendly 24x7 support. The preference for planning and buying insurance products has decidedly shifted online.