Why Meritocracy Drives Innovation of World-class Products

Why meritocracy enables innovation

  • Creates a results-based culture of performance and accountability.
  • Provides clear and openly communicated expectations and metrics.
  • Ensures transparency of results, which is available to all.
  • Builds structures to keep the context alive.
  • Develops a culture of acknowledgment.
  • Prioritizes performance and uses it as a scale for rewards.
  • Enables achievement of employee’s goals.
  • Tends to make employers learn from coworkers leading to self-development.
  • And, endorses efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.

How to build and sustain a culture of meritocracy

Ascribe to your Core Values

Empower your leaders

Foster passion across the organization

Encourage a culture of listening




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Insurance made simple. www.roadzen.io

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